Priority vs Priorities - Dealing with Priorities at Workplace

Priority vs Priorities – Dealing with Priorities at Workplace

Reaching office first thing one encounter is a list of priorities to be executed on a particular day.

Just hold on. Did I said “Priorities”?

Think again, only one task can be important in a particular moment. So is it a Priority or Priorities?

Have you ever thought this way?

Multitasking Or Multi Switching

Multitasking, as we call it, just ruins the productivity at workplace. Executing multiple tasks at the moment affects focus of mind on a particular task, consequently performance gets down within long run without one realizing the fact.

So called multitasking is actually switching of the task putting one on hold. One can’t do multiple task at the same instance.

Productivity can be increased by focusing on a single task at the moment and picking up the next once it gets completed.

Or in case task needs to be switched, other one needs to be on hold completely until the new task is completed.

There can only be one and only one PRIORITY and not PRIORITIES for the moment.

We can define priorities but for different instance of time and not same. If multiple priorities needs to be executed at the same time, they are not the Priorities actually.

One Priority, One Moment = Improved Performance and Productivity

Steps by which we can follow this

  • Break every task into doable sub tasks within defined set of time.
  • Sequence each sub tasks in order of requirement to be finished earlier.
  • Focus on single task only, at the particular moment.
  • Keep track of time required and invested for the task.
  • Pick other task  in the queue.

If you have Priority for the particular instance of time, You can focus on the task and focus improves performance and productivity.

Priorities will there be always at workplace, home or anywhere. It’s just the matter of how we handle it. Sequence the priorities, Pick in the order, Complete it and move on.

Simple yet Effective.

How you feel about handling multiple priorities at the moment. Share your comments below.

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