Choco Banana Pan Cake | आटे का चीला | Whole Wheat Dosa

In this vlog we share with you a healthy and delicious recipe which everyone will love specially kids as it has choco syrup… yummieeeee

Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: Indian

Choco Banana Pan Cake | आटे का चीला | चॉको बनाना चीला


Whole wheat flour
Sugar Syrup
Banana slices
Choco Syrup

Steps to make Choco Banana Pan Cake

  1. Mix whole wheat flour with sugar syrup to make a batter as shown in the video.
  2. Heat ghee in pan
  3. Pour Spoon full of batter in pan and spread evenly on pan.
  4. When cooked from one side, turn it other side.
  5. Pour some ghee around the edges before turning it.
  6. Put off from the pan when cooked.


  1. Take Cheela in plate.
  2. Spread choco syrup over it.
  3. Put banana slices in the middle as shown in the video.
  4. Fold from both the sides.
  5. Put banana slices over the joint.
  6. Put some more choco syrup over it.

Healthy Choco Banana Pan Cake is ready.

We hope you will surely love to eat this.

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