पपीते-के-फायदे | Papaya benefits

9 Amazing Papaya Benefits | पपीते के फायदे

9 Amazing Papaya Benefits | पपीते के फायदे

Papaya has many health benefits and it is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. One can eat it raw, as a fruit or can make papaya shake or juice.

  1. Contains Enzyme Papain – helps in digestion

2. It contains Vitamin A, B, C ,K – improves immunity and is good for skin and hair

3. It has Enzymes –  works as a skin cleanser

4. Leaves are helpful in Dengue – Juice with Aloevera, Pomegranate and Giloy (tinnospora cardifolia)

5. Rich in Anti-oxidants

6. Reduces Wrinkles, Removes Tan

7. Helps in Weight Loss

8. Control Blood Pressure

9. Controls Dandruff

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