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World Environment Day | Save the environment from pollution

World Environment Day | Save the environment from pollution

-We should take ultimate care of our environment

-Today our environment is polluted whether it’s land, air or water.

-Too much plastic is wasted and thrown in water bodies like river, sea which pollutes water.

-Plastic use should be avoided as it takes 1000 of years to destroy.

-Wherever possible, plastic should be recycled.

-This is also dangerous to water animals.

-Many animals and birds are near extinction due to environment changes and pollution.

-Trees are cut down to make so called human colonies but if there is no fresh air to breath in, can we live?

-Grow more and more trees to save earth from air pollution

There are so many problems created by us for our lovely planet, Earth.  Our planet has given us everything to live and survive. But our greed has brought it to the end.

Still there is time to correct our mistakes and take care of our lovely home, the Earth and save our environment.

Happy Environment Day

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