8 Ways to Perform Better | Improve Productivity | कैसे बने प्रोडक्टिव

Improve Productivity | 8 Ways to Perform Better | कैसे बने प्रोडक्टिव

We all want to perform better and be productive in our business, job or career. Hard work always pays and we believe we can be productive.

Yes that’s true that hard work is one of the most required attribute to improve performance and be productive. But there are some basic steps if followed can better your results.

We all are surrounded by technology and our lifestyle revolves around it. No doubt technology has provided way better options to make life easier and to work smartely.

But we all can make max out of our smart work just by planning, strategising and following few healthy tips as mentioned below.

Be Fit – Most important

If you are fit and healthy, you can do anything you want. So this is first and foremost to be more productive.

Balance Diet & Exercise

Daily 30 minutes to 1 hour Morning Walk, exercise and balance diet can keep you active throughout the day, consequently, improving productivity and performance.

Waking up Early

Waking up early morning gives you extra time to strategize and plan your day in advance.

This way you can manage your day’s task and time efficiently and effectively.

Give a Thought

Whatever task you are working on, to perform better, just give it a thought before you actually start working on that task.

Initial thoughts and discussion helps avoiding unnecessary issues at later stages.

Importantly, mobile, television are just part of our life and not the necessity.

Use them only when actually needed and utilize that time in learning new things related to your job or interest.

Track your time

Whatever task you do, track your time as how much time is given to particular task. Try to improve that next time you do same task.

Time tracking helps to cross check where extra hours are being utilized.

Have Deadlines

Deadlines, yes, adds some pressure to our way of working but we can deny the fact that deadlines make us focused and alert to complete the tasks on time. Have  deadlines for your tasks always.


Now a days multitasking is kind of fashion but this is the one which reduces performance and effect productivity.

At a time one can focus on one thing and switching to other tasks frequently takes minimum of 15 – 20 minutes to move focus around.

This wastes time and output both. Try to focus on one task and complete that first before moving to the other.

Take Break

Continuous working brings in fatigue and effect health. To be more focused and productive, it is very much important to take break in between working hours.

5 minutes break is enough to get refreshed and restart on your task.


Above 8 points are additionally important to be more productive. I hope this adds to your list of ways of improving productivity.

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