Buying Dual Sim Mobile – Understand Hybrid SIM slot

Buying Dual Sim Mobile – Understand Hybrid SIM slot

Latest Mobiles

Newly launched mobiles have HYBRID SIM SLOTS. It comes in DUAL SIM Mobiles


It is a Dual SIM card slot – SIM 1 & SIM 2


SIM 1 – SIM 1 Slot is a SIM slot only.

SIM 2 – SIM 2 slot can be used for SIM or Memory Card (Micro SD Card)


HYBRID SIM Slot make slots simple and productive. No removing back cover needed as it is a slot which can be removed and put in back from the side of the mobile.


At a time either 2 SIMs or 1 SIM + 1 Micro SD Card can be inserted only. It means if Memory card is inserted then another SIM cannot be inserted.

Unlike DEDICATED slot mobiles having 3 slots, HYBRID slot mobiles only have 2 slots.

Hope this helps you understand about HYBRID SIM Slots.

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