How to overcome tiredness | थकान कम करने के तरीके | Ways to feel less tired

How to overcome tiredness | थकान कम करने के तरीके

We all get tired one or the other time. Sometimes due to more or exhaustive work or sometime due to restlessness.

In any case if one feels tired, there is no other way around we think of apart from sleeping or taking some medicine.

We all feel more sleeping reduces tiredness. Sleeping is something which is required to move on from the state of exhaustion.

So basically it’s not the hour to decide how much sleep one needs to feel relax. Sometimes you might have noticed that even a 5 minutes nap revitalises.

So tiredness is the state when body losses the capacity to do more. Whether we are moving, talking, sleeping, sitting … our body internally keeps working continuously.

How to overcome tiredness | थकान कम करने के तरीके

To feel relax in such state, one should do following

Sit calm and relaxed
Don’t do anything.
Deep Breathe slowly.
Let the body be relaxed as much as possible.
Sit or sleep in complete relax mode not thinking of anything stressful, loosing body parts in relax position.
Drink lots of water but not in one take.
Take Iron rich diet


If above practice is done in proper manner, one can feel relaxed and refreshed. This way mental and physical tiredness can be overcome.

How to be Active whole day

In order to feel less tired and be active daily, we should follow below routines.

Early wake up and Morning Walk
Some Exercise,  Yoga or Meditation
Take Healthy & Balanced Diet
Don’t Skip Meals
Timely sleeping

This one is important. Go to bed for sleep, when you actually feel sleeping.

Avoid mobile

When you go to sleep, avoid using mobiles. Continuous staring at mobiles makes eye weak and dry. It also effects sound sleep.

Some Vaastu

Better to sleep with head towards South or East. Avoid towards North.

Simple yet Effective….. Stay Healthy and Fit

Hope this helps everyone of us to be relaxed and active…

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